Getting the job done, right?

With the vast majority of businesses in New Zealand being smaller sized and employing less than 10 people, it stands to reason that a few people in every business are trying to do a lot! There will be many being forced to multi-task, and many may be working at the edge of their comfort zone, simply trying to do their best.

In truth though and as a small business owner myself, is this the best use of resources – both labour and financial resources? Tasks get done faster and better using skilled people who know what they are doing. Those same people get more enjoyment from working in their ‘happy place’ rather than pretending to know what they are doing. 

There’s a clip I see all time on social media showing Richard Branson saying “Just say YES and work it out later”. Is this what you want of your staff? That they say yes and then potentially muddle through or even fail to deliver? 

Getting the job done right

Marketing as a profession has long suffered from many people thinking they can do it. For too long it suffered from a lack of science, fueled by agencies with great ideas but no focus on deliverables. This has meant that everyone thinks they know how to ‘do marketing’ and resulted in too many businesses having a go, and then being both surprised and disappointed in their results. Is it any wonder? I’m sure a builder would build a lot better house than I would. One that would stand the test of time, rather than collapse in the first breeze.

Outsourced Marketing ticks all the boxes

If you lack the core marketing skills then consider Outsourced Marketing as an option for your business. Many small businesses feel they cannot afford a marketing person, so they opt to either DIY the marketing tasks or they hire in a graduate in a role that simply does not require 40 hours a week of time invested but does require the work to be effective. 

Outsourced marketing means a much greater focus on measured success. Why? Because their future depends on it. Using an outsourced marketing model means that those working on your business rather than in your business need to ensure their work delivers value for money, or the relationship will be short-lived! Remember, all marketing should be an investment and not a cost to your business. It should deliver real, tangible benefits in terms of clicks, leads, customers, and sales. 

Outsourced Marketing means using experts in their field. Marketing as a discipline has become very complex. There are few that can claim to be experts in all areas but with outsourced marketing, you can choose the experts you need and use them for only what you need. Outsourced Marketing delivers a better result for less investment. 

Outsourced Marketing with J&M Marketing

So, if you’re considering an outsourced marketing model for your business, consider J&M. We are a team of specialists that can deliver expertise in all aspects of your marketing. And all for one single monthly fixed cost. 

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re here for you, right here in New Zealand and we love to meet you regularly to sort through plans and feedback on campaigns. Very quickly we become part of your team and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to embrace a new and better way of working. 

If your business needs broad marketing support, with measurable results, with no fixed-term contracts, and for a monthly fixed investment, then please get in touch. You’ll be surprised at how [cost] effective outsourced marketing can be. 

Curious about Outsourced Marketing?

Understand how outsourcing your business marketing works in the time it takes to drink a coffee. We’ll be as transparent with you as possible. We’ll offer advice, share some of our work and answer questions you might be too afraid to ask now.